Vinyl decal of Decal Robot logo being applied to a windshield.

Custom decals and stickers made in London, Ontario. Shipped globally.

Custom decals are great for promoting your brand, services, or just expressing yourself.

Advertise your services on your vehicle, make your store front pop with your logo or business hours, express your creativity with some decals for your laptop or walls!

Our stickers are great for small businesses to include in your orders, advertise your business on your envelopes/boxes, or to even use as labels on your product! Don’t have a business? That’s fine! Our stickers can be stuck onto anything and wont come off until you say so!

What We Do

We offer custom large decals, small decals, multi-coloured layered decals, paint masks, printed heat transfer, and even application services.

We also offer stickers in bulk or singles, printed with durable waterproof ink onto durable water resistant vinyl before being laminated. Our vinyl stickers are easy to remove with no residue or a horrible paper mess. Easy to stick, and easy to remove when needed.

Not looking for something custom? That’s fine! We have an online store where we sell a bunch of pre-designed items!

See some of our work below and get in touch if you have any questions!


Decals: Our die-cut decals are cut from single coloured sheets of vinyl. We can achieve multi-coloured decals using a technique called layering, which means to cut out coloured parts separately and stick them over one another.

Die-cut decals are the most common type as they are durable and last. If you drove by a vehicle with a sticker on it, chances are it was die-cut.

Stickers: Our stickers are printed with waterproof ink onto a premium durable vinyl with overlaminate. Stickers are a great choice if you need something with complex colours or images, or you need bulk.

Our stickers are outdoor rated, but have a shorter life expectancy due to UV causing the ink to fade quicker.
Yes! We can custom make your decals and ship them globally.

Shipping depends on the size/weight of your custom decals, where they are being shipped to, and whether or not you want a tracking number included.

All of our pre-made designs have a set shipping rate. You can see the cost during checkout.

A shipping estimate will be given before any custom order is finalized.
Pre-made Designs: All orders are paid for during checkout via the method you choose (Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, etc).

Custom Orders: Once your order is finalized, you will get a private link to add the custom order into your cart and pay via the same methods as above. Canadians can choose to pay via E-Transfer.

Custom Local Orders:Custom local orders can be paid via our website, E-Transfer, or cash.

Note: Other payment methods can be discussed if needed!

All credit card payments are processed through Stripe. We do not process the payment or have any access to your card details.
If you ordered a pre-designed item from our website you can cancel your order within 1 hour of ordering. Just send a message to us stating that you'd like to cancel your order.

If you are currently in contact with us building a custom order, you can cancel at any time during the planning phase. Once your order is in the process of being made you can no longer cancel.

Please note that if your order requires us to get materials from our supplier you CAN still cancel, however, the material cost will be deducted from your deposit and the rest will be returned!
Pre-designed decals from our website typically ship in 1-2 days.

Custom orders can take extra time depending on the size of the order and if any materials need to be ordered from our supplier for the job. Estimates are given during the quote and before payment.
Yes! We offer application services for those interested. Application prices will defer depending on distance to drive, size of decals, conditions, and where the decal is being applied.

Decals applied by us will come with an application-protection. If we mess up while applying, we will replace the decal free of charge until we get it applied perfectly!
Mistakes happen. If you ordered one of our pre-designed decals from our website please contact us and we can discuss how to fix it!

If you ordered custom decals from us and bought application-protection, please contact us for a replacement.

If you ordered custom decals from us and DIDN'T buy application-protection, please contact us for options. We want to help you the best we can.
We only offer a protection on decals that we apply ourselves via our application service, or if you purchased application-protection with your order. This is because decals can be tricky to apply, and if not applied properly they can fail. Since application mistakes happen often, we cannot afford to be responsible for decals not applied properly.

Please refer to the application guide for more info and do not hesitate to reach out for clarification if needed before attempting to apply your decals
Unfortunately we cannot prove you didn't attempt to apply the decals yourself beforehand so we are unable to include application protection after an order has been shipped. If you're interested in protection please consider getting it before you finalize your order.

Some of our work

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