Custom Decals

To start, let us know what you’re interested in and include as much detail as possible. This will help us get you your decals faster!

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How many decals are you looking to get?

How large do you want your decals to be?
If you are giving two dimensions (example width and height) please note that due to aspect ratios only one can be guaranteed without stretching. It's recommended to give the main dimension and the max of the second dimension.

Where are you sticking your decals? Drywall, laptop, outside on your glass windowed storefront, on your truck, a boat, etc?
While our normal vinyl works for most applications, special cases such as boats or truck/trailers with rivets or curves may require specialty vinyl that is more expensive.

Which colour(s) do you want?
Since we don't keep stock of all colours available we may need to put in a material order to our supplier. If you require multiple colours, or a layered decal, that will reflect the price.

Do you have a design already? Is it in vector format?
Our plotters require a properly formatted vector file to cut from. Please let us know if you have one as it saves us time and you money! If you don't, that's okay, we can work together to make you one.

Are you local or is this being shipped?
If you are local are you going to be picking up the order or will you want it hand-delivered to you? Are you having it shipped, and if so, do you want tracking? Keep in mind all orders ship from Canada and tracking can be costly.

Are you interested in having the decal applied by us?
This only applies to local customers. Our cost for application depends on distance to drive, size of decals, conditions, and where the decal is being applied. (Keep in mind decals applied by us come with an application-protection)

Are you interested in purchasing application-protection?
application-protection means we will send you a full replacement for free if you mess up while attempting to apply. Application-protection varies based on your order size. (Remember: You cannot purchase application-protection after. Please refer to our application guide before attempting to apply your decal!)

The information below isn’t required to get in touch, but it’s highly recommended to fill out as much as possible to allow us to get you your custom order faster.

Feel free to elaborate on anything in the box above.


Single or multi-coloured?

Do you have a vector image already?

Do you want us to apply your decal(s) for you? (local only)

Do you want application-protection?