Reselling & Drop Shipping

We offer reselling and drop shipping of both stickers and decals.

If you are interested in either reselling or drop shipping using us, please get in touch to discuss any discounts.

What is reselling?

Reselling is a great way to start your own business by ordering stickers or decals from us in bulk, and using the bulk ordering discount to your advantage to make money.

For example; If you were to buy 500 stickers from us and it cost you $170, that means you paid ~$0.34 per sticker. Reselling these stickers individually on your own website, marketplace, or local small business fairs, would allow you to profit per sticker.

On average a 2 x 2″ sticker sells for ~$4. If you sold all 500, you’d profit ~$1830!

What do you mean by drop shipping?

Drop shipping is where you use our equipment to start your own sticker business.

Equipment is expensive, and sticker making takes time. You can start your own sticker business without owning your own equipment.

We will make the stickers for you, and ship them to your client directly from us.

Wont my client know it’s from you?

No! We will ship it to the address you specify, and put the return address as your address. Your client will think they came directly from you.

The packaging and any packing slips will NOT mention Decal Robot at all. In fact, if you ship us any packing material (packing slips, pamphlets, etc.) or anything else you’d want included in the shipping boxes, we will make sure they end up inside before they are shipped off to your client.