Why Free?

Please note, you were NOT charged for the item that has a FREE sticker on it.

Why did I receive a free/extra decal?

For this explanation we will assume you ordered a 5″ red decal.

We use 12″, 20″, and 24″ wide materials for all of our decals and stickers. When you place an order, we cut the product from one of the widths above, as well as all other orders that have been placed by other people that day. Since we offer a large variety of colours and sizes, it’s not uncommon for your order to be the only red one of the day, which means we only use 5″ of the 12″ available width on the roll of red vinyl.

When we cut your 5″ decal out of the 12″ vinyl, that leaves ~6″ of working vinyl left. Since we try our hardest to minimize waste, we prefer to cut a second 5″ decal and include it for free in your order rather than throw out the remaining 7″ of vinyl.

Please note that if you received a free item from us, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive another free item the next time. It’s all dependent on the colour/size and other orders that have come in that day.

Why did I receive a free/extra printed sticker?

Stickers can share a similar problem as the one stated above, but that’s usually not why a free sticker is included.

All of our printed stickers are laminated to keep them durable and long-lasting. The lamination process sometimes introduces small dust particles or other contaminants between the layers. This is rare, but it does happen.

These contaminated stickers do not pass our quality standards, so we do not sell them. Maybe one day we will offer these kinds of stickers at a deep discount, but for now, we will continue to include them for free.

Why did I receive a random free decal/sticker?

We often try out new designs that we want to sell. Sometimes they don’t end up looking the way we want, or we decide to change them a little. This means we have extra items that we won’t sell. Rather than throwing these items away, we add them as a free bonus in customer orders until they are all gone.